Supplier Team of the Year

A1 Loo Hire 

The past 12+ months have been a challenge for everyone, especially those working in the event industry. A1 Loo Hire have been fortunate during the period of COVID as we have been able to continue work more or less as normal, whilst taking on new events, contracts & depots and also growing our work force. We have taken on the waste servicing contracts at a large number of COVID-19 testing stations and also said yes to providing toilets and waste services to a number of outdoor events and festivals when other companies said no. At certain points in the last year we did worry we had taken on too much, however our staff have been fundamental to our success and we could not have done it without them. The office staff in all of our 6 depots have worked long hours and shown true dedication to making work happen, on time and to the best of our ability. They have had to juggle staffing issues with unexpected COVID related absences and logistical complications with the shortage of HGV drivers. Despite the added complications to an already busy job, they have done so with a smile and true team effort. Our drivers and event staff have also been key to our success. Without their dedication and flexibility, we would not have been able to service the number of events we have this year. They have worked overtime at the drop of a hat and been flexible with when they take their annual leave – all so we could pull together as a team and keep our customers happy. The customer feedback says it all…

‘’ Your operatives were friendly, helpful, and really worked as part of our team. Please can you pass our thanks.’’ Jane Dowley Operations Manager Cowdray Park Polo Club

‘’I wanted to write personally to say a huge thank you to you and your brilliant team for all your help, guidance and support to enable to deliver, in such a short space of time, a wonderful Royal Windsor Horse Show. When we started the planning, we honestly had no idea whether we could or could not run and had so many changes it must have made it almost impossible for your team – however as always they adapted and overcame the many hurdles that we presented, with a smile and a complete can do attitude and many people are saying that it was one of the best show’s that they have ever been to. Her Majesty said to one of our team, when out riding on Monday, that it was a very good show – praise doesn’t come higher than that. Nick Brooks-Ward Operations Director HPower 3rd August 2021 ‘’

Acorn Event Structures

Acorn Event Structures is one of the UK’s largest providers of indoor and outdoor scaffold-based temporary structures and staging. Working in the main with the event, arts, film, television and sporting sectors, delivering innovative solutions whether design, event or utilitarian lead, Acorn provides not only structures but power solutions as well. With a vast inventory of modular event system and staging kit, Acorn offers not only an installation service but a hire service also to the festival and events industry across the UK.

With work credits in 2021 including Creamfields,Victorious, Love Saves The Day, Neighbourhood Weekender, Frieze Art Fair, Frieze Masters, Goodward Festival of Speed and RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Acorn has played a key role in the reopening of the festival and event industry following the disastrous impact Covid had in 2020.

As a team, Acorn Event Structures have worked hard together throughout 2021, from the Managing Director to the Yard Operative, from Sales Team members to Labourers ensuring projects have been delivered on time to the client’s specification and satisfaction. Those usually based in the office have found themselves out supervising installations or building structures as 2021 saw a huge staff shortage across the industry. When competitors were struggling, even pulling out of provision due to lack of staff, Acorn found a way of keeping going and even delivering a solution to problems, helping shows and events that had been let down go on.

Coming to the end of 2021, the Acorn Event Structures team are proud of what they have achieved throughout a year that started with a very bleak outlook and the Directors are grateful to all of the team for the achievements they have helped the company make in all areas of the product and service provision.

Actavo Events UK

The key to the Actavo Events team is finding dedicated people, identifying their strengths, and providing them with support to progress through the company.

Emily Kenward, Operations Manager joined Actavo when it opened the events division in 2010 and has worked in various roles progressing through the company.

Emily says:

“As most events teams, the Actavo Events team have gone through a lot in the past 18 months and I’m so proud to say I believe it’s made us even stronger. This is the best team I’ve worked with, there is a friendly, caring atmosphere, everyone clearly likes their colleagues. People have each other’s backs when things go outside of our control, as they do in the event industry. We all go above and beyond to deliver results for the clients, everyone pitches in to make things happens with a can-do / what it takes attitude as a collective team. The pandemic saw us enjoy a “last supper” together of Five Guys takeaway in the office in March 2020 and we never expected to be away for so long. The team really came together and supported one another with weekly zoom lunches, a daily step challenge (which got very competitive!) and personal catch ups to see how everyone was going on.”

Sol Hernandez who joined in 2015 as an intern, has risen to the position of Office Manager. She is our logistical, administrative organiser and manages some key clients. She’s the one that really keeps everyone in line and organises all our social events!

Pete Cordiner who has also been with us since 2015 is our Senior Supervisor and resident stock whizz, keeping the yard efficient in the middle of the frantic summer season. He’s multi skilled and looks after stock management, client liaison and site supervision.

Project manager Simon Holliman started in early 2019.  He’s to be found sketching up clients’ concepts on his ipad!  Simon manages projects from start to finish with 2021 highlights being working on Goodwood Festival of Speed and Wireless Festival.

Event Genius

Festicket and Event Genius has achieved a reputation for impeccable end-to-end event delivery, first-rate products, and exceptional service when it comes to our partnerships. Especially throughout the pandemic when the industry was faced with an uncertain future and businesses needed support and assurance, our staff were on hand.

It wasn’t always plain sailing, and took a unified effort from within to keep the company ticking over and thriving throughout one of the events industry’s darkest periods.

Whilst the company was already acclimatised to working remotely, our unique social culture was snatched away, so each and every employee made a spirited effort to maintain some normalcy in an increasingly abnormal time.

Whether it was scheduling Friday evening drinks each week to see some friendly faces; showcasing our questionable haircuts (or lack thereof it should be said) to prove how unkempt we could become during the height of lockdown; battling for rights over who had the most enviable WFH set-up, or everyone’s favourite Campaign Marketing Manager and yoga instructor Marta Ruiz giving everyone an early wake up call to limber up during lockdown, the company came together admirably.

Although we relied on a collective effort, a special mention has to be made for Seb Young, Head Of Talent extraordinaire. Keeping morale at a high and keeping everyone connected when we weren’t even allowed to leave our homes, Seb wore many hats and shouldered the responsibility of maintaining a united workforce.

Whether it was creating daily quizzes on Slack, arranging mental health seminars for colleagues, or just regularly reaching out to individuals to check in, Seb made a truly Herculean effort.

Despite the numerous lockdowns and ongoing uncertainty throughout the past 18 months or so, these initiatives brought us all together, and subsequently helped us maintain our unparalleled levels of excitement and dedication in providing the best experiences possible for our clients and customers.

Method Events

Method is the production company responsible for some of 2021’s most ambitious projects, including Europe’s largest pilot event, Tramlines festival (50,000 cap, Sheffield), a groundbreaking series of indoor/outdoor events at a derelict industrial site in north London (The Drumsheds, 10,000 cap), and unique corporate events for brands including Nandos and Grocery Aid.

The full breadth of Method’s creativity was demonstrated when establishing a new festival site in London for Broadwick Live. What is now called The Drumsheds was originally comprised of four derelict warehouses and an adjoining 10 acres of wasteland. Method helped to transform this space into a multi-purpose venue, capable of hosting everything from festivals to film shoots.

2021 culminated in a series hosting a range of festival brands. Method oversaw the build of a bespoke stage which leant into the venue’s industrial backdrop, as well as the use of bespoke hoarding and extravagant layher structures in place of typical event infrastructure. The use of the warehouses for food, drink and other amenities made for a dynamic event space unlike any other.

Method ensured that all emergency planning documentation was thorough and that safety briefings were clearly communicated with the event team. Crowd movement was carefully managed around a site not designed for hosting public events. New points of ingress and emergency egress were created with the audience carefully navigated around hazardous infrastructure and the workings of an active industrial estate, without compromising the experience or flow of the site.

Managing the procurement and budget for this complex series of large-scale events required a methodical approach. The highly-automated budget dashboard developed by Method featured live performance monitoring and cashflow tracking, such that shows could be programmatically added and generate their budget contribution based on top-line parameters. This ensured that benchmarks were set and the delivery team was compelled to procure for value, while providing the client an unprecedented level of granularity and cash control.

The meanwhile use of this industrial site comes to an end in the new year, marking the completion of a groundbreaking 3-year project for Method.

Peppermint Bars and Events

“Why would you apply for the same award you won last time?” We asked ourselves that same question and thought long and hard about it. The simple answer is that we thought our team couldn’t have gone above and beyond what they achieved in 2019… They just did.

Seeing a team so downtrodden by the cancellations of events was heart-breaking (as it was for everyone) but what was jaw-droppingly impressive was how they all came together without a moan or a groan to deliver a 2021 season like no other.

The great unlock was delayed… and then it was like a gun being fired and we all had to sprint to the finish line, delivering 30+ events in two months flat. Supply chain at breaking point: no drivers, booze shortages, no staff, no kit, the beloved Track & Trace, the team working crazy long days - but they all pulled together, and nailed it.

What stood out for us was how everyone came together in the industry, not just teams on the same event. Helping each other at other event sites, our suppliers going above and beyond to support us,  helping our competitors to solve problems – it truly distilled the very essence of what we do in this industry, and WHY we do it.

Now the Peppermint Team are back the office. They’ve off-hired their beloved Wernick and without soothing white noise of a forklift in the distance you would think they would be wistful about those balmy August afternoons with the rumble of sub-bass and snap-back of the PolyJohns… Instead, they have more determination, energy and motivation than ever before to deliver summer 2022 - and for this we think they are deserved winners. #P-Team

Serious Stages

With over 35 years’ of experience in providing stages and supporting structures across the globe, our team are the trusted supplier to some of the biggest events, such as Glastonbury Festival, Leeds and Reading Festivals, London 2012 Olympics and many more. 

This has been a testing season for everyone involved in the events industry, and our team at Serious Stages have surpassed themselves at their ability to adapt to these challenging times, with a smile and can-do attitude for our clients.

Our core team of managers Simon, Andrew, Abbey, and Terry, worked diligently to support our clients’ changing needs, with exceptional organisation skills to update plans, mobilise crew, conform to all additional COVID health and safety requirements, and still provide our exceptional level of service building structures.  

Our amazing site managers, crew team and support staff have worked tirelessly over the season to complete every job to the best of our abilities, at the highest standards and prompt build times that our clients value.

Our team have adapted to the challenges of restrictions, providing innovative solutions and work rounds to continue to provide staging solutions for our clients, whilst maintaining a safe working environment for our crew.

Every person that works for Serious Stages are part of our family, we are passionate about working together to surpass client expectations and continue to provide the trusted, reliable service that we have worked hard to build over the last 35 years.

 Woking together, we look forward to continuing to support our clients over the years to come.


Site Event

At Site Event, we have a wide range of excellent staff, from high attention to detail planners, to charismatic sales people, supported by team of passionate and knowledgeable service attendants, project managers and drivers.

Our team showed their strength and adaptability in March 2020, before the lockdown happened. The sales team were taking lots of enquiries for hand sanitiser stations, we had a limited amount in of fleet, so our build team quickly adapted and instead of building toilet trailers, they quickly started building hand sanitiser stations. Once we had run out of spare dispensers for the units, we could not order anymore due to the world going into lockdown. Therefore the team had the genius idea of using the hand sanitiser dispensers out of our event fleet of toilets – as these weren’t going out any time soon. Our staff quickly become key workers delivering these hand sanitiser units from NHS Nightingale Hospitals, to schools, manufacturing units, and testing stations.

Sunbelt Rentals 

Sunbelt Rentals is a brilliant contender for Supplier Team of the Year. 2021 has been a tumultuous time for the events industry but we played an instrumental role in helping get events back on track by providing equipment and expertise for several events as part of the Government’s Event Research Programme.

Why we stand out…

  • We have the scale, expertise, product range and national coverage to provide exceptional customer service. We’ve had some brilliant successes such as the Tour of Britain 2021 which involved the provision of equipment from Cornwall to Scotland, and the Victorious Festival when our customer was let down just three weeks before the event took place
  • We’ve had some exceptional challenges this year but our events team is dedicated to helping our customers deliver exceptional events in unprecedented circumstances. We’re dependable, reliable, experienced, superbly organised, adaptable and dedicated. We realise events have to remain fluid with many last minute changes. We see these as challenges not problems and can often mobilise thousands of pieces of equipment within hours!
  • We operate as one Sunbelt Rentals team. Since consolidating 23 of our businesses, we can offer customers a truly consolidated equipment solution, whereby we save time and fuel, cover less miles, use fewer vehicles, supply multiple products from single locations and eradicate the need to use a multitude of different suppliers.
  • Sustainability drives our business forward. We’re trusted to deliver carbon neutral events and much of our new investment is in ‘green’ innovations such as Solar Tower Lights, Low Emission Plant Equipment, Electric Bikes and Hybrid Power Solutions.
  • Our events team was specially appointed to handle our COVID response. This necessitated a huge infrastructure drive for the NHS and we provided over 290,000 items of equipment for almost 500 COVID testing facilities and vaccine centres constructed UK-wide.

 We’ve introduced electric bikes to our fleet (tested by Prime Minster Boris Johnson himself at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester in October 2021!). At 95% recyclable construction, our Trakway system is the most environmentally friendly system available. We’re working alongside many of our customers who want to make the switch to HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel and start reducing carbon emissions by 90%.


Will Hodgson, Claire Feeney and Edward Grant have played huge roles in Symphotech’s successes over the past year.

Director, Claire Feeney secured an Arts Council grant for a programme designed to help the industry respond to the threat of Covid.  The company partnered with the Association of Festival Organisers (AFO) launching “Recover & Reopen” beginning in late 2020.  The campaign centred around free to access webinars, giving festival organisers and other members valuable professional health & safety advice which ordinarily they would have budgeted for in Winter. The goal was to use the grant to help event organisers with protocols to respond to Covid-19.

Symphotech has stepped up to help the industry throughout the pandemic and been at the forefront talking to the DCMS and Public Health England to understand ever-changing Covid guidelines and protocols being introduced for events and venues.  Aware of the struggle for money in the sector, they went to great lengths to share these guidelines, producing free online resources, and with Symphotech director Professor Edward Grant presenting at the AFO conference and the Event Production Show amongst others.

Their aim was to provide free, reliable information for event organisers to enable a safe return for events across the UK and to use the grant funds to bridge the gap until events were running again.

Symphotech also delivered Health and Safety at the First Dance test event in Liverpool’s Bramley Moore Dock, with Head of Safety Edward Grant, and Will Hodgson leading Symphotech’s team onsite. A fast-moving range of protocols and scientific data requirements made this a challenging event, requiring precise precautions to keep everyone onsite safe.

An extremely busy calendar followed in the shortened July - October outdoor events season, working long hours to successfully deliver one of the most concentrated event diaries ever.


The Stambridge Group 

Why should we be considered for Supplier Team of the Year? Well, the facts speak for themselves…
Over the past 12 Months Stambridge Group have taken pride in expanding on our fixed contracts, our focus being on reducing the impact of Covid-19 on the livelihood of our core team.
Because of our ability to develop and grow we have been able to offer over 700 members of staff regular shifts, across multiple sites.

During the Spring Bank Holiday members of our security patrol team attended a medical incident on Southend beach. The immediate reactions of our team were pivotal in saving the patient’s life as it became very apparent, he was suffering from cardiac arrest.

Both operatives were fully qualified first aid trainers & were able to perform CPR following the advice of emergency services.
The actions of our staff were true testament to the extraordinary efforts of frontline, key workers during extreme circumstances. Stambridge Group continued to serve the local community & ensuring public safety at such a critical time.

Not only have our efforts on the ground been essential & very much successful, but we have also spent time & resources in developing our back of house systems & programmes, including:

• Staff welfare, with a commitment to providing ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ support. This has consisted of us running a Mental Health First Aid course for colleagues & Partners.
• A plan to expand the training further, with our own in-house trainers delivering Mental Health First Aid training to a range of staff across our contracts.
• Developing ‘Mental Health Ambassador’ roles, providing ongoing support to all staff.
• Providing a brand new ‘Mental Health’ support App, which will be available to all staff.

Video Illusion 

Our team are some of the hardest working creative technicians in the Live Events Industry Sector - 

We have designed, manufactured, Installed and Operated our Video Systems on the largest Bespoke stages in the UKs Festival scene - Such as 

Arcadia Spectacular - The 2 time "Production of the Year" Award

The Valley Stage - Parklife Festivals most Unique and Stand Out Stage  -

Sector 6 - Boomtown Fair

Nucleus - Boomtown Fair

There aren't many video Suppliers that can boast the level and scale of this kind within the UK - 

Here are what our lovely clients say about us 

 Thomas Taylor – ADI.tV 

"Video Illusions are experts in spectacular LED technologies, event production and creative content services, which they deploy worldwide. Innovation driven, and with great commercial vision, Video Illusions have helped deliver memorable audience experiences and new opportunities for their partners and stakeholders. We’re trusted them to work alongside ADI on the largest sporting and event occasions, transforming spaces into truly engaging places.


Video Illusions – Heritage Live 2021

Giles Cooper - Director - GCE Live - Heritage Live / Exec Producer - Royal Variety Performance

“Over the years I have worked with just about every supplier of video screen for touring, outdoor concerts and television. Video Illusions are by far the best I’ve ever worked with. Their professionalism, attention to detail and reliability are unsurpassed and I’d be the first to recommend their services”


Video Illusions – Parklife 2021

Chris Carr – Managing Director – Lucid Creates

“Video Illusions are a long standing partner of ours. They understand what we want to achieve, and they work hard to deliver exactly that. No matter the scale or complexity of the project we trust their expertise and creativity to help bring our visions to life. The team are a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to working with them again in 2022"

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